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Biden Says Little Kids Give Him Middle Finger ‘All The Time’

President Joe Biden told a group of supporters earlier this week at a campaign event in Scranton, Pennsylvania, that he often sees 7- and 8-year-olds flipping him the bird while he’s driving through neighborhoods or rural towns.

While speaking at a campaign event in his hometown on Tuesday, the president decried yard signs that say “F Biden” and then said that he often witnesses young children giving him the middle finger.

“I’ve never thought I’d see a time when I’m going through a — a neighborhood or a rural town that’s in the West and see big signs that have a Trump sign in the middle that says ‘F Biden’ and having a little kid standing with his middle finger — seven years old, eight years old,” Biden said.

“Well, I promise, it happens all the time. It’s not who we are,” he added.

Biden’s remarks on children flipping him off followed comments he made on why he jumped into the presidential race in 2020. The president, as he has done numerous times in the past, cited the Charlottesville, Virginia, car attack in August 2017 as why he ran for president against Trump. In the attack, a young woman was killed by a man who drove his car through a large crowd of people who were protesting a white supremacist rally in the town.

“And my future opponent, my present opponent — they asked him what he thought of it. He said there were ‘very good people on both sides,’” Biden said of Trump. “And I’m going to say something that may sound outrageous to you, but I thought … he’s the antithesis of everything I believe, and I thought I could beat him. And that’s why I ran.”

The president then added that it doesn’t matter to him if a person’s political philosophy is “Left, Right, or center.”

“But it matters about whether or not you’re going to abide by the basic rules, you’re going to have a sense of decency,” said Biden.


As the 2024 presidential campaign has heated up in recent months, Biden has ramped up his criticism of Trump and his supporters, arguing that his political opponent is a “threat” to the country.

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