BARK Air launches first luxury airlines for dogs — charges $16K

Dog toy company BARK will launch a jet charter service that promises “white paw service” — though it will cost as much as $16,000 for a round-trip ticket for just one pooch and its doting owner.

Dubbed BARK Air, the company best known for its subscription BarkBoxes filled with pet toys and treats, seeks to solve the problems that typically arise when humans travel with their fur babies.

Though smaller dogs can typically ride in a carrier placed under the seat in front of them, larger dogs must undergo what’s known to be the stressful experience of being put in crates in a plane’s cargo space.

BARK Air promises “white paw service” during its long-haul flights, including calming aids for pooches like music, warm lavender-scented refreshment towels, and pheromones, among other comforts. BARK Air

“We are excited to take the insights we’ve learned over years to create an experience that is truly dog-first, which is drastically different from just accepting dogs — from the ground to the skies,” Matt Meeker, the co-founder and chief executive at BARK, said in a press release Thursday.

BARK Air’s first flight departs from New York’s Westchester County Airport to Los Angeles’s Van Nuys Airport on May 23.

Currently, there are only two flight routes available, both from Westchester County Airport to either Van Nuys Airport — which costs $6,000 one way for one dog and one human — or to London’s Stansted Airport — which goes for $8,000 one way.

Following booking, humans are connected with a BARK concierge assigned to collect information about their four-legged passengers to ensure the best possible experience during the long-haul flight.

But BARK Air won’t just be pet friendly — it will treat its four-legged passengers like first-class passengers, the New York-based company said.

One ticket includes a seat for one dog and one human. As of May 23, BARK Air will be chartering two flight routes out of New York: to Los Angeles and to London. BARK Air

On travel day, dogs and their owners are only required to show up at the airport 45 minutes ahead of their scheduled flight time “for a simple, efficient check-in process — no crates, no stressful TSA checkpoints,” per BARK Air’s website.

From there, concierges will bring the dogs aboard to a cabin prepared with calming aids such as music, warm lavender-scented refreshment towels, and pheromones — scents that mimic the natural chemicals released by animals that help them communicate — among other comforts.

Treats, noise-canceling ear muffs, and calming jackets will also be on hand as part of BARK’s “Dogs Fly First” flight prep, which ensures that each pooch is comfortable upon takeoff.

One-way tickets start at $6,000 to Los Angeles and max out at $8,000 to London, meaning round trips go for as much as $16,000. Users on social media balked at the price tag. BARK Air

The dogs are offered a beverage at takeoff and descent to help their ears adjust to cabin pressurization.

“We believe this initiative will raise awareness of BARK’s mission in a cost-effective manner,” said Zahir Ibrahim, BARK’s Chief Financial Officer. “Given we are not committed to booking flights far in advance, we have a lot of flexibility to opportunistically charter flights during times of high demand.”

Users on social media, however, panned the sky-high fares.

“Was so excited for this but am mind blown at the $6k price tag. Hopefully y’all can make this much more affordable in the future,” one user commented on BARK Air’s Instagram post introducing the luxe airline.

During flights, pups will also have access to BARK-brand treats and toys as well as noise-canceling ear muffs and calming jackets. BARK Air

“I would genuinely love to see the data that convinced you to believe $12K round trip tickets are a viable business model and one worth marketing to the general public,” another said.

A third said a $6,000 to $8,000 fare for just one way “is ridiculous.”

It wasn’t immediately clear which jet charter company BARK is partnering with for its pet-friendly trips.

The Post has sought comment from BARK.

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