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Australian teen suspended from Melbourne Grammar School after drenching boat passengers in milk


What goes around comes around, and this kid found out quickly.

A young prankster was suspended from his $20,000-a-year school amid a weeks-long investigation after he drenched a group of women with milk during their boat ride on Jan. 27.

The 16-year-old unnamed Australian boy was handed a “combination of suspension and other punitive action, reparation, apologies and counseling,” in the wake of the viral stunt, which has been viewed more than 32.6 million times, according to the Herald Sun.

The boy is seen dumping milk on the passengers while they are on a GoBoat ride on the Yarra River. Instagram / giddynokiddy

“We continue to have the firm view that this behavior was completely unacceptable and have treated the matter with the utmost seriousness,” Melbourne Grammar School said.

The boy uploaded footage of the vile act under his Instagram account, “giddynokiddy,” as he showed himself dumping milk on top of the four women while they were on a GoBoat ride on the Yarra River.

One of the prankster’s alleged victims, who posted a video just moments after they were struck, said the group was celebrating a friend’s birthday.

“You book a GoBoat for your friends birthday and some kid on the bridge above us pours a whole bottle of milk on us for 😭😭😭,” Veronica Burgess wrote in the TikTok video posted on Jan. 27.

The short clip shows a picnic table the women were sitting at with fruits and snacks covered with milk, as someone can be heard saying, “We’re actually gonna stink.”

“Would love to find the kid that ruined our day :),” Burgess captioned the video.

One of Burgess’ friends is seen trying to shake milk out of a Bluetooth speaker due to the amount of milk that landed on the group.

Recognizing how far he might’ve gone, the boy allegedly told others in a video, that’s since been deleted on TikTok, to stop sending videos of him in the foul act to his school before he was ultimately expelled.

Milk was poured all over the women’s belongings and snacks in a TikTok uploaded by Veronica Burgess.

“Please stop contacting my school, my school has caught me and I am facing expulsion. Can’t believe you would do this to (a) minor,” the boy wrote, according to the Herald Sun.

Melbourne Grammar School, founded in 1858, prides itself in being “one of Australia’s leading independent schools” in the country, the school’s website said.

The school’s local yearly tuition and boarding fee ranges from roughly $21,000 (USD) to $28,000 based on grade.

“Why’d you do this to me. You ruin my life over a ruined day, you upped the anti, I’m just a kid and you ruined my life. Too far,” the boy added.

Upon the school doing their private investigation on the matter, Victoria police also stepped in to issue the boy a warning for unlawful assault.

The boy was frustrated after people were sending video of him committing the evil act to his school. Instagram / giddynokiddy

“The matter is now complete,” a Victoria police spokesman said.

The boy’s prank stirred the pot across the internet as many bashed the “ongoing problem” in Melbourne.

“What goes through someone’s head to think I’m gonna go buy some milk and ruin someone’s day?????,” one outraged TikToker said.

“Not the kid trying to say that he’s just a child and shouldn’t be blamed for this,” another added.

“This is so sad! I hope it didn’t ruin the rest of your day,” one person said before Burgess said the group “showered and washed our hair then eventually got to continue our day.”

A fellow TikTok user claimed she experienced a similar prank on renting the GoBoat.

“This literally happened to me at melbourne we rented goboat, some kids in the bridge on top of us threw water balloons on us and it was cold during winter,” the user said. “But goboat refunded our money.”


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