Apple working on mobile robot that can follow you around your home

Apple has reportedly launched a hush-hush project to develop a personal robot as the iPhone maker seeks to find “the next big thing” after its failed foray into manufacturing an autonomous electric car.

The mobile robot would be able to follow people around the home, according to Bloomberg News.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant is also working on a new table-top home device that uses robotics to move a display around as the company faces pressure to produce a revenue-generating product along the lines of the iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch, the outlet reported.

Apple is reportedly assigning engineers to work on a mobile robot that can follow people around their home. REUTERS

The smart display is thought to be further along than the mobile robot, which is in the early stages of development and being kept under wraps, sources told Bloomberg.

Apple’s robotics efforts are being handled by the company’s hardware engineering division, and its AI and machine-learning unit, which is overseen by John Giannandrea.

The hardware development has been overseen by Matt Costello and Brian Lynch, according to Bloomberg News.

It is unclear when Apple plans to bring the mobile robot to market — if at all.

The Post has sought comment from Apple.

Apple’s stock was up nearly 1% at 10:30 a.m. ET on Thursday.

Since Jan. 1, shares of Apple are down 8% as the company has seen other Silicon Valley rivals such as Nvidia and Microsoft surge thanks to the AI craze.

In February, Apple mothballed efforts to produce an electric car — ending a 10-year effort that yielded progress in fits and starts but ultimately failed to bring a product to market in the hyper-competitive EV space.

The company has also been hit with mixed reviews over its $3,500 Vision Pro augmented reality goggles, with many early adapters complaining about the headset’s comfort and lack of apps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is under pressure to produce a revenue-generating product that can approach the success of the iPhone. AP

Apple’s robotics venture is being compared to Amazon’s AI-powered robot, Astro, the $1,000 unit that can hear, see and follow you around the house.

Astro, which was unveiled in 2021, uses cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence to avoid walls and dogs.

The 17-inch tall robot comes equipped with two wheels and a compartment that can transport a can of soda or snacks from room to room.

Last year, Amazon introduced a $2,350-per-unit business version of Astro that doubles as a security guard.

But the Astro has so far remained a niche product that Amazon has produced in limited quantities.

Apple has so far held back from any big moves in AI, in stark contrast to tech giants such as Alphabet and Microsoft, which have first-mover advantage in incorporating the breakthrough technology.

The performance of Apple’s stock has lagged behind other blue chip tech companies such as Microsoft and Nvidia. AP

Its quiet approach has sparked worries the iPhone-maker could be falling behind in integrating the technology into its products.

Earlier this year, Microsoft overtook Apple as the world’s most valuable company as the iPhone maker grapples with weakness in demand for its key products, especially in major market China.

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