Anti-Israel protesters berate Jerry Seinfeld as he leaves NYC event: video

A smiling Jerry Seinfeld waved off anti-Israel protesters who accused him of supporting genocide as he exited an event on the Upper East Side Sunday night, according to footage.

The New York City comedian was heckled after he left an event at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan that featured former New York Times columnist and founder of The Free Press, Bari Weiss.

“Genocide supporter, you support genocide,” one protester yelled at Seinfeld, who gave a quick wave before getting into the back seat of a black SUV that was surrounded by NYPD officers, according to footage obtained by The Post.

Jerry Seinfeld was jeered by Anti-Israel protesters following an event on Upper East Side. FreedomNewsTV

The protesters continued to shout at Seinfeld before the SUV pulled away.

“F–k you, you support genocide,” the demonstrator also seethed.

The small crowd of protesters rallied outside the community center that was hosting Weiss, who was giving the 92Y’s annual State of the World Jewry address.

Protesters were critical of Weiss, a strong supporter of Israel, and tried to connect her to the death of Palestinian professor and poet Refaat Alareer, who was killed in Gaza in December in an Israeli airstrike.

Alareer tweeted in late October that if he’s killed, “I blame Bari Weiss and her likes.” His tweet was in response to Weiss criticizing Alareer for joking in an earlier tweet whether or not an Israeli baby was burned alive in an oven “with or without baking soda” during the Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

Jerry Seinfeld was hassled by Anti-Israel protesters as he leaves Bari Weiss on Feb. 25, 2024. FreedomNewsTV

Alareer reportedly mocked victims of the terror attack and hours after the assault said in a BBC interview that Palestinian resistance was “legitimate and moral.”

Two protesters outside the 92Y were arrested Sunday night, according to police.

Anti-Israel protests have roiled the Big Apple since Hamas terrorists killed 1,200 Israelis and kidnapped hundreds more, leading the Jewish state to launch a major military campaign in Gaza.

Anti-Israel protesters are accusing Bari Weiss of being responsible for the death of Palestinian professor and poet Refaat Alareer. FreedomNewsTV

The Hamas-backed health ministry has said about 30,000 Palestinians have been killed while Israel has lost more than 200 soldiers during the ground operation.

Seinfeld, who created the long-running sitcom bearing his name with Larry David, isn’t the first A-list actor to be berated by protesters.

Alec Baldwin was confronted by anti-Israel demonstrators late last year while walking on a Manhattan street.

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