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Another woman got a tattoo on her forehead with her boyfriend’s name, but revealed it was because of influence


That’s love?

Another day, another idiot doing something wildly crazy in the name of love.

This time, a woman from the United Kingdom came under fire online for allegedly paying nearly $90 to get her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead, as detailed in a TikTok clip with 3.5 million views.

“I got the tattoo because either go big or go home,” Georgia Bridges, 24, told Caters News Agency of her unconventional display of commitment.

The attached images show the tattoo apprentice based in Edenthorpe, Doncaster, receiving the name of her boyfriend, Dale, 29, apparently written in purple on her forehead.

The artist then appears to use a gun to finish the job, which reportedly cost Bridges $85 in total.

The clip concludes with the Brit beaming as she shows off her new graffiti on her forehead in honor of her boyfriend.

“I got the tattoo because either go big or go home,” said 24-year-old Georgia Bridges.
Caters News Agency

“Our love is forever, so why shouldn’t my tattoo be?” the bold body artist declared in the caption.

She told Caters that “when Dale saw it, he loved it.”

Needless to say, TikTok commenters weren’t all that disappointed with their seemingly long-term commitment.

“Please say psychology,” one commenter prayed, while another joked, “I guess the tattoo lasts longer.”

A third told a warning about such permanent proclamations of love, writing: “I had a boyfriend called Dale when I was 21. He was very much in love. I can’t even remember what he looks like now, 30 years later.”

A video of Bridges’ proclamation of permanent love racked up 3.5 million views on TikTok.
Caters News Agency

Fortunately, as many TikTok commenters correctly guessed, the ink job was actually temporary. “Of course they were fake.” Bridges stated in a follow-up clipwhich was posted in response to a commenter who was wondering why he wasn’t showing any redness from his “tattoo.”

In other words, luckily she can get Dale out of her head if the relationship takes a turn for the worse.

In a similar saga earlier this week, TikTokker Ana Stanskovsky posted a viral clip in which she claimed to have tattooed her boyfriend Kevin Freshwater’s name on her forehead.

However, she was subsequently ridiculed by skeptical viewers, including famed tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who claimed her ink work was too gazi.

“100% fake,” declared Paul, who has tattooed Rihanna, Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran, “it’s literally a black marker.”

Bridges claimed that her boyfriend Dale loved her tattoo.
Caters News Agency

The tattoo expert said he spotted several telltale signs of horseplay, including the fact that the machine was not working, that there was no needle penetrating the skin and that she was not showing any post-ink symptoms.

“His skin would be bristling and covered in hives,” the ink wizard declared indignantly. “Every pore would rise. You would also see ink and blood dripping down his face.”

Unlike Bridges, however, Stanskovsky sticks to his story.

“Yes, it’s real,” he stated in a follow-up to the initial viral clip. “I can’t even believe I did it myself.”


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