Airstream says LI doctor Monika Woroniecka should not have been in back of RV

The Long Island doctor who was fatally thrown out of her family’s airstream should never have been in the back of the RV while it was in motion, the company said.

“Airstream is saddened to hear about the death of Dr. Monika Woroniecka on April 6, 2024, and our deepest sympathies go out to her family, friends and community,” Airstream told the Daily Mail of the accident.

“Airstream travel trailers are not designed to carry passengers while in motion,” the company noted.

“The safety protocol detailed in Airstream’s operating manuals and shared on Airstream’s website advises owners that they cannot tow an Airstream with people inside,” the statement continued.

“Many states prohibit carrying passengers in a travel trailer or fifth wheel, and we advise owners to consult their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for up-to-date regulations,” they added.

Dr. Monika Woroniecka, 58, a prominent pediatrician with Stony Brook Medicine, was killed in a freak upstate accident while on a family trip to view the solar eclipse. Monika Woroniecka/Facebook
Woroniecka was with family when she died. Monika Woroniecka/Facebook
Horrified witnesses saw the freak accident. WWNY

It is illegal to tow passengers in an Airstream in New York, the Daily Mail noted.

Monika Woroniecka, 58, was riding the Airstream while her husband towed it along Route 12 Ee in Brownville on Saturday.

State police said Dr. Woroniecka was riding in a new Airstream trailer while on a family trip to view the eclipse when she fell out the door to her death upstate Saturday.

Horrified witnesses later said that they saw the passenger side door of the RV open, and Woroniecka’s arm hanging out as she tried to pull it closed.

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