AI-generated nude deepfakes circulate at Beverly Hills middle school

A Beverly Hills middle school was rocked by photos that circulated the internet last week of real students’ faces superimposed on artificial intelligence-generated nude bodies.

According to the Beverly Hills Unified School District, the X-rated deepfake images were created and shared by students at Beverly Vista Middle School — the Los Angeles school district’s sole institution for sixth to eighth grades, according to the Los Angeles Times.

About 750 students age 11 through 14 are enrolled in Beverly Vista, the LA Times reported.

It wasn’t immediately clear who created the nude photos, which were initially shared via group chats between students.

School administrators said they won’t hesitate to expel the culprits when they are identified.

X-rated images of students’ faces on nude bodies were created using artificial intelligence and shared by students at Beverly Vista Middle School. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

“Any student found to be creating, disseminating, or in possession of AI-generated images of this nature will face disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, a recommendation for expulsion,” they said in a statement mailed to parents last week,” the school district’s officials said in a note mailed to parents, per the LA Times.

Parents were also advised to “speak with your children about this dangerous behavior,” which they said “is becoming more and more accessible to individuals of all ages.”

“Students, please talk to your friends about how disturbing and inappropriate this manipulation of images is.”

Beverly Vista principal Kelly Skon used her regularly scheduled “administrative chats” on Monday to discuss the issue with students in all three grades at the school, she said in a note sent to parents.

As of Monday, the school has also launched an investigation with the Beverly Hills Police Department into the nude deepfakes, NBC 4 Los Angeles reported.

“We will be looking at the appropriate discipline so that students understand there are consequences and accountability for their actions,” said Dr. Michael Bregy, Superintendent of the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

Beverly Vista principal Kelly Skon has used her regularly scheduled “administrative chats” to discuss the issue with students in all three grades at the school, she said in another note sent to parents.

Skon said she asked students to “make sure your social media accounts are private and you do not have people you do not know following your accounts,” per the LA Times.

Beverly Hills Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Bregy assured that the creators of the fake nude images will face the “appropriate discipline.” NBCLA

A Beverly Vista student who wished not to be identified told NBC: “It is very scary people can’t feel safe to come to school.”

“They are scared people will show off explicit photos of them,” the student added.

In December, two students were suspended from a Miami high school for using an AI deepfake software to create nude images using headshots of male and female students obtained from the school’s social media account.

One parent whose daughter was a victim of the scheme at Pinecrest Cove Preparatory Academy said she’s hesitant to return to school out of humiliation and fear.

AI-generated nude images of students — known as “deepfakes” — have also circulated at schools in Florida and New Jersey. artiemedvedev –

“She’s been crying,” parent Vanessa Posso told CBS at the time. “She hasn’t been eating. She’s just been mentally unstable. She does cheer and she didn’t even want to come to school to do it.”

The offending students were suspended for 10 days from the Florida charter school, but some parents want them booted permanently.

Weeks earlier, more than 30 female students at New Jersey’s Westfield High School fell victim to the practice after learning that the manufactured images were in wide circulation.

According to visual threat intelligence company Sensity, more than 90% of deepfake images are pornographic.

Many also use celebrities’ likenesses, including Taylor Swift, who was the subject of deepfakes — which showed Swift in various sexualized positions at a Kansas City Chiefs game, a nod to her highly-publicized romance with the team’s tight end, Travis Kelce — that took the internet by storm last month.

The account reportedly garnered the images of Swift from Celeb Jihad, which boasts a collection of fake pornographic imagery, or “deepfakes,” using celebrities’ likenesses.

It wasn’t immediately clear which AI website was used to create the pornographic images that circulated Beverly Vista, though there are many free AI-backed image generators on the internet, including OpenAI’s Dall-E, Adobe’s Firefly and Canva, as well as a slew of lesser-known tools such as Freepik, Wepik, Craiyon and Fotor, just to name a few.

The Post has sought comment from Beverly Vista and the Beverly Hills Police Department.

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