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African Church Elders Stand Firm Against the United Methodist Churches Rewrite of Marriage, Holds Bible High and Declares ‘This Is the Word of God’

The United Methodist Church has overwhelmingly given its stamp of approval to same-sex marriages.

The 523-161 vote to make the change came last week, according to WTVD.

Several delegates opposed the changes, including Nimia Peralta of the Philippines, who said, “God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman.”

She rejected the convention’s proposal that allows rules to be adapted to various regions, saying, “God’s word can never be regionalized.”

Liberian delegate Rev. Jerry Kulah of the Africa Initiative said, Methodists are “willing to lose Africans and Africa to fulfill this progressive agenda.”

“We are deeply devastated now to be part of a denomination that will contradict the Bible ‘s teaching on marriage and sexual morality,” he said.

“I have my Bible in my hand, and this is the word of God,” he began.

Kulah was interrupted and quizzed for his reasons for speaking against the amendment allowing same-sex marriage.

“I’m speaking against the amendment because we do not have another Bible apart from this Bible,” he said.

“So we cannot have the two of same that the amendment offers,” he said. “And so I vote against the amendment.”

“When it comes to the issue of human sexuality, the Bible is very emphatic that we have marriage between a man and a woman. And that’s what our current Book of Discipline holds,” he said.

Kulah said, “Every attempt has been made to alter God’s biblical truth. Today, we have a majority General Conference characterized by liberals and progressives who are doing everything to change the Bible to something else. Because of that, I vote against this amendment.”

The amendment to which Kulah objected said, “Marriage as a sacred, lifelong covenant that brings two people of faith (adult man and adult woman of consenting age or two adult persons of consenting age) into a union of one another and into deeper relationship with God and the religious community,” according to UM News.

Other African delegates echoed Kulah’s comment, “We do not believe we know better than the Bible.”

“I’m not happy about it,” said Virginia Bambur, a delegate from the Central Nigeria Conference. “You cannot change the Word of God.”

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