Actor John Cardoza robbed by panhandler in NYC shop, second Broadway star to become crime victim in a day

Broadway actor John Cardoza was robbed by a panhandler inside a Manhattan Dunkin Donuts on Easter – the second theater star to become a city crime victim in just one day.

The actor, who is appearing as Young Noah in “The Notebook,” was allegedly held up by a suspect who snatched a wallet with $9 inside after the beggar pretended to have a gun in his pocket in the Hamilton Heights coffee shop at around 1:45 p.m., according to cops and sources.

Cardoza said in an Instagram story that the suspect had asked for cash at the Dunkin Donuts at West 145 Street.

“I offered to buy him lunch because I didn’t have any cash on me, and it escalated from there very quickly,” he wrote.

Cardoza said he was “held at gunpoint” by the man, but police told The Post the suspect did not display a weapon and had instead used his hand to simulate a gun inside his pocket.

Cardoza took to his Instagram story to share details of the harrowing experience. Getty Images

“I am fine, ultimately he didn’t make off with anything irreplaceable,” Cardoza said.

The suspect fled the location and no arrests have been made.

The Post has contacted Cardoza’s reps for comment.

Cardoza went on to perform the Easter matinee show of The Notebook, a musical based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, hours after the encounter, according to reports.

“I was grateful to have a place to head immediately after (the robbery) full of people I love, to do work that I love. So I’ve been in good hands,” he saoid on Instagram.

“It makes me sad to think people are as desperate as this – and it makes me sad to feel a need alert anyone to this kind of activity,” Cardoza added.

“But it’s the world we’re living in, and if you’re like me, you already are careful and you don’t think it’s going to happen to you until it’s staring you in the face.”

Cardoza concluded his message with a heartfelt plea for increased vigilance. @johnfcardoza / Instagram

In another update later posted to Instagram, Cardoza said the suspect had since attempted to use his credit card in various bodegas, pharmacies and grocery stores in the area.

“I wouldn’t want anyone caught off guard in these places that we all frequent,” he said, warning friends to “be careful”.

In a third post, Cardoza thanked people who had offered support and well-wishes.

“I live in New York and these things sadly happen more often than we think and I didn’t anticipate this going so far beyond my personal story here,” he explained.

“I wanted to bring attention to some friends, and to anyone who lives in the area to be careful because it really does sneak up on you and I don’t know where that guy is now. I want people to be well and alert.”

The investigation remains ongoing, police said.

Cardoza is currently starring as ‘Young Noah’ in The Notebook on Broadway. Moulin Rouge Broadway

The incident unfolded the same day that “Boardwalk Empire” actor Michael Stuhlbarg was attacked by a homeless man who allegedly struck him in the back of the neck with a rock near Central Park around 8 p.m.

The aftermath of the alleged assault was captured on surveillance video.

The footage obtained by The Post shows the star running in a bike lane moments after his attacker, identified by police as Xavier Israel, 27, sprinted past on the sidewalk.

The clip shows Israel wearing white pants, a cropped white top, and a large white hat that seems to cover most of his face while he runs by. Moments later Stuhlbarg can be seen in all black running down the street. 

Stuhlbarg, who suffered an abrasion on the back of his neck, declined medical assistance.

The 55-year-old actor was set to take the stage Monday for the first preview of his upcoming Broadway production “Patriots”.

Israel, who is homeless, was on parole at the time for an attempted robbery.

Following the chase, Israel was caught by police outside the Russian Consulate on East 91st Street, police said.

Neither actor was seriously injured in the separate Easter Sunday incidents.

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