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A man sent me an unsolicited d–k pic, so I tricked him into thinking he had a serious health condition

Author Becky Holmes has shared how she got the ultimate revenge on a man that sent her an unsolicited photo of his penis. 

Holmes has a popular X account and has amassed over 100,000 followers. 

She recently re-shared the time she convinced a man he had a severe illness after he sent her a photo of his penis. 

The English author shared an exchange she had with a man that slid into her direct messages to share a photo of him holding a happy birthday sign with his penis sticking through a hole in the paper. 

The photo was unsolicited. Holmes responded to the X-rated image by declaring she was “distracted by what appears to be a dangerous red mark on your stomach.”

The sender responded with surprise by saying, “What?” and then saying he would have got the red spot from his clothes rubbing against his stomach. 

Author Becky Holmes got revenge on a man who sent her an unsolicited picture of his penis by convincing him that he had a disease. Youtube/Jeremy Vine on 5

Holmes then lied, saying she had a degree in dermatology and claimed the red mark was a “sign of something more serious.” 

“How can a spot be serious?” The man replied and added that it doesn’t even “itch.”

Holmes replied again and wrote, “It doesn’t itch? Oh s—t. Okay, stay calm for now.”

The man asked why it was a bad sign that the spot didn’t itch before adding she was making him anxious. 

“I was calm, but you’re not making me calm,” he wrote.

Holmes told the man that he appeared to have a “dangerous red mark on your stomach.” Instagram/deathtospinach

There was more back-and-forth, with the man arguing that the spot was nothing but a red mark and wanting reassurance from Holmes.

“It is going to be a really difficult few months for you,” Holmes wrote. 

“What the f—k does that mean? Look, I’m okay, there’s nothing here,” he argued in response. 

After even more back-and-forth, Holmes called it the kind of condition in which you won’t know something is wrong until it is “too late.”

The man replied again and said he’d become so worried about the spot that he’d made his cousin check his stomach. 

“I’ve shown my cousin the pictures, as you really stressed me out earlier. We are not experts like you, but she agrees with me; we can’t see anything.

“Especially in the second picture, if there’s anyone you work with who could give a second opinion, that would help,” he said.

Holmes wrote on X that the interaction was 100% real. Instagram/deathtospinach

Holmes has shared the screenshots of their exchange on Twitter, and the post has amassed over 900,000 views.

Holmes commented on the thread that the messages were one hundred percent “real” and said that since the post went viral, some men have seen her post and tried to be next.

“Yeah, there are a few, but they come via Twitter, so they obviously see what I do and have a humiliation kink. I’m not playing with those guys,” she wrote.

Online people were full of praise for her clever revenge on the stranger.

“You should win some form of an award for this!” one wrote.

“Brightened my day reading this,” another complimented.

“Oh, this is serious gold! Great work,” one praised.

“His poor cousin,” one wrote.

Someone wrote, “This is one of the best responses to unsolicited pictures I’ve ever seen. 10/10 for effort.”

Holmes has written her first book, “Keanu Reeves is Not in Love With You,” which came out in January and is about online romance fraud.    

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