2 Randall’s Island migrant shelter residents arrested for assaulting security guard

Two residents of the embattled Randall’s Island migrant shelter were arrested Monday night for assaulting a security guard, according to police.

A male shelter resident allegedly punched the guard in the face at the facility at 600 East 125th St. at around 7 p.m., police said.

Cops who responded to the report of an assault were speaking with the guard when another male resident assaulted him right in front of them, according to the NYPD.

Three people were arrested at the migrant facility on Randall’s Island Monday night. Paul Martinka

Both men were taken into police custody.

A third person — believed to have been somehow involved in the altercation — was also arrested, cops said.

Charges against the trio were still pending Monday night.

The shelter has been the scene of at least two other violent confrontations between residents and security or police this month.

Officer steps into a NYPD car parked on Randall's Island near migrant facility
A shelter resident allegedly punched a security guard in the face and a second man assaulted the guard as he spoke to police officers who were responding to the punch, police said. Kevin C. Downs for NY Post

A wild brawl broke out after several NYPD officers struggled to remove a man from the facility on Feb. 15, according to cops and dramatic video of the encounter.

The footage shows officers sparring with a man in front of a large crowd before some onlookers jumped in — including one who nailed an officer in the head with a backpack.

Before that, a migrant was busted for drunkenly fighting cops who tried to remove him from the facility on Feb. 4. One of the officers was treated at a local hospital following the scuffle.

The violence inside the shelter has also included disputes among residents.

Dafren Canizalez, 24, was knifed to death in the facility’s cafeteria last month. The suspect Moises Coronado, 27, allegedly stabbed his fellow asylum seeker on Jan. 6 after the pair got into a fight over comments he made about Canizalez’s girlfriend.

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