Vince McMahon accuser Janel Grant pauses sex trafficking lawsuit amid federal probe

A woman accusing former WWE boss Vince McMahon of sex trafficking and assault on Thursday agreed to pause her lawsuit at the request of the Justice Department as the feds conduct their own investigation..

Janel Grant alleged McMahon used her as a sex slave and defecated on her head in her bombshell lawsuit against the wrestling mogul and another executive, John Laurinaitis, that was filed in Connecticut federal court earlier this year.

“Ms. Grant has consented to a request by the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York to stay her case against Mr. McMahon, WWE and Mr. Laurinaitis, pursuant to a pending non-public investigation,” Ann Callis, an attorney for Grant, said in an emailed statement to The Post.

“We will cooperate with all appropriate next steps.”

McMahon and Laurinaitis have denied the allegations.

Vince McMahon’s accuser has agreed to stay her lawsuit at the request of federal prosecutors in Manhattan. Zuffa LLC

“We remain confident the evidence will prove Ms. Grant’s allegations are false and her complaint is nothing more than a fabricated, vindictive narrative from a disgruntled former girlfriend,” Jessica Rosenberg, McMahon’s lawyer, told The Post.

The Post has sought comment from WWE and Laurinaitis.

The stay is valid for six months, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Post.

A court filing on Thursday indicated that Sarah Mortazavi, an assistant US attorney based in Manhattan, has joined the federal government’s investigation into McMahon.

The US Attorney’s Office declined comment.

Janel Grant filed suit against McMahon in January.

McMahon — who resigned as executive chairman of WWE-parent TKO Group Holdings following Grant’s lawsuit — is the subject of a federal investigation into several alleged hush money payments made to women over the course of several years.

In court filings last month, McMahon alleged that Grant was a willful participant in their sexual trysts. He claimed she would sneak into his penthouse apartment to get in his bed late at night before returning to her place in the same building.

McMahon has also alleged that Grant wrote him love letters and was planning a future together with him. Grant’s reps have denied the claims, saying she was coerced into writing the notes.

McMahon has denied Grant’s claims that he used her as a sex slave and trafficked her to other WWE executives. Zuffa LLC
McMahon is the subject of a federal investigation. He is said to have paid millions of dollars in hush money to several women. USA TODAY Sports

Grant filed the lawsuit in January after he allegedly failed to fork over $3 million in hush money to keep their relationship a secret.

Grant was employed by McMahon at WWE headquarters in Stamford between June 2019 and March 2022. She alleged that McMahon passed around pornographic pictures and videos of her to other men, including other WWE employees.

Grant is seeking unspecified monetary damages and to have the court void a $3 million nondisclosure agreement, of which she alleges she received only $1 million.

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