Trump’s more trusted than Biden on immigration among Latino battleground voters thanks to Joe’s open-borders disaster

Turns out Latino voters don’t behave like the caricatures that far-left Democrats created to justify their monstrous open-borders policies. 

Among battleground-state Latino voters, ex-prez Donald Trump and the GOP lead Joe Biden and the Democrats on who’s more trusted on immigration, 41% to 38%. 

Hardly a shock: A new Siena poll shows that even in deep blue New York, 83% of all voters think the migrant influx to New York is a serious or somewhat serious issue; 91% of Latino voters feel the same way. 

Trump supporters at the opening of a “Latino Americans for Trump” office in Reading, Pennsylvania on June 12, 2024. AP Photo/Joe Lamberti

This should surprise no one: Latino voters want the same things as white voters, black voters, Asian voters and every other group of Americans does. 

Good jobs, safe streets and a sensible border policy. 

The only reason to believe otherwise would be if your thinking was guided by a racist notion that such voters would welcome illegal immigrants with open arms because they belong to the same vague ethnocultural category.

Whether Biden personally believes this is irrelevant: He embraced the disastrous policies such thinking implies from Day 1 in office. 

The result has been month after month after month in which illegal inflows smashed records and put massive strain on border towns and big cities alike. 

And now Team Biden is reaping the electoral whirlwind it has sown.

And Joe knows it: Witness his desperate effort to fake seriousness on the border with his bogus “crackdown” that would still allow in almost 2 million illegal migrants a year — if he actually imposed it: He hasn’t yet.

Instead, he’s fully reverted to form by promising massive new amnesties

The irony is delicious: Biden listens to his lackeys about governing as left as possible on the border in order to shore up the Latino vote — yet the policy is actually killing him on that very front (and with the larger public).  

Meanwhile Trump, the boogeyman of lefty racial politics, looks to be benefitting. 

This is yet more proof — though none was needed — that thinking about politics in the racialized way now de rigueur among Dems isn’t just morally ugly: It’s pure poison on a practical level. 

Maybe a presidential whomping in November will open their eyes — but don’t hold your breath. 

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