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Trump Blasts Biden For His ‘Illegal’ Amnesty Program For Illegal Aliens

Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden on the campaign trail Tuesday afternoon for unveiling an “illegal” mass amnesty program that rewards migrants who violated federal U.S. immigration laws.

Biden’s new policy will provide legal status and a streamlined path to U.S. residency and citizenship to more than 500,000 illegal aliens who married American citizens and have lived in the country for 10 years.

In order to be eligible, the illegal aliens must have met the 10 year requirement by June 17, 2024, or else they will have to wait for the next Democrat mass amnesty program.

“Crooked Joe’s action today is an illegal, unconstitutional amnesty without approval from Congress, no approval from the courts, or the American people,” Trump told thousands of supporters at a rally in Wisconsin. “He did that with the tuition and that didn’t work out too well, he got rebuked, and then he did it again, it’s gonna get rebuked again, even more, it’s an even more vile attack. But he did that with tuition, just to get the publicity for the election. He doesn’t care about that. He just wants to see if he can get it by the election.”

Trump said that no other country on earth — except for a few “third world horrible banana republics” — would allow this kind of madness to happen.

“This Biden amnesty is a direct attack on American democracy,” he said. “And yet, another example is how Biden and his communists are demolishing our constitutional system and replacing it with a corrupt and fascist regime. These are fascists, these are bad people. And I don’t think he’s calling the shots. I’ll be honest, I think he’s not, I’m talking to you like a small little gathering of, you know, 20,000 people, I don’t think he’s calling the shots. I really don’t.”

Trump said that if he is elected — and most polls show him leading Biden — that he is not going to allow the “Biden betrayal” to stand.

“When I’m re-elected, Joe Biden’s illegal amnesty plan will be ripped up and thrown out on the very first day that we’re back in office,” he said. “He’s gonna let everybody come in because what they’re trying to do, they’re trying to sign these people up and register them, they’re not citizens, they’re not allowed to do it. It’s illegal as hell. We’re filing court cases all over the place, including here.”


“They’re signing people up to vote,” he said. “And we’re in courts all over the place, and we’re gonna get it stopped and we’re not gonna let what they did four years ago happen again, our country is being destroyed.”


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