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Travelers shocked by secret lever for airplane waste bin

This one’s totally trash.

A traveler who discovered a ridiculously simple way to avoid touching the waste receptacle in the lavatory on a long-haul flight has gone viral after sharing the good news with his followers.

“I was sitting there on my flight back from Thailand, and I saw this little foot lever, and I was thinking what was that for, and sure enough, it’s for the bin. I never knew about it,” Joe McNamara, who goes by @guthealthboxer on Instagram, confessed in an online clip.

Joe McNamara revealed a bathroom hack that many people have ignored.

In the 10-second video posted on Instagram, viewers can see McNamara inside the small bathroom, navigating the foot pedal below the sink to open a trash bin without using his hands.

“Surely I’m not he only person who just learnt about this,” he asked his followers about the “Step to open waste flap” feature.

The former pro boxer admitted this feature can eliminate him having to get in contact with lingering germs.

“What the hell!! No more touching that skanky bin,” he exclaimed. “Did you know about it?”

Many travelers cringe inside the cramped bathroom, especially when they must push the garbage bin open to dispose of their paper towels after washing their hands.

“The bin is always full for me and I hate touching the bin,” the former pro-boxer added.

McNamara’s revelation makes the in-flight loo just a little more bearable.

“I flew as crew for over 26 years and never saw this before!” confessed a flight attendant.

“No, I just learned this too,” added another.  “OMG, I never knew that. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, some avid travelers want passengers to be more observant and read their surroundings.

“Ummm, there’s an instructional sign next to the waste receptacle,” scoffed one person.

“How is it a hack when the picture on the lid is telling you how to open it?” questioned another.

Passengers can step on the pedal located underneath the sink to open the waste bin.

Despite McNamara’s handy tip, a few viewers were distracted by him wearing only socks inside the sky-high lavatory.

“Umm, where are your shoes?! The lavatories on planes are 20% floor [and] 80% piss!” exclaimed a spectator.

“You’re worried about the bin? I’m worried you’re in the bathroom in your socks,” commented a grossed-out viewer.

Many people have forcefully pushed the bin open not realizing they could use a pedal. Mdv Edwards –

McNamara clarified he wore slippers with his socks, but computer chair experts couldn’t get over it.

While people turn a blind eye to the bathroom step and McNamara’s socks, some tools, such as the handrails in the overhead compartment, don’t come with instructions.

As previously reported by The Post, a member of cabin crew running their hands along the edge of the overhead compartment is actually steadying themselves on a “secret” handrail.

The hidden rail allows passengers and crew members to remain balanced when walking through the aisles, versus holding on to flyer’s headrests, which can be a bother.

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