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The best seats on a plane if you’re worried about turbulence

Brace yourself for this news.

With horror stories of extreme turbulence filling the news lately, aviation and flight experts are speaking out about the best places to be seated on a plane when the going suddenly gets rough.

“The rear of the aircraft will swing more, the front will swing less,” pilot Jimmy Nicholson said in a TikTok video, advising the frontal seats for queasy folks.

American Airlines Captain Dennis Tajer was in agreement.

Tajer told Fox Business that “often the ride in the back of the airplane feels less stable but depending on the movement of the air, the ride may feel different.” 

These are the best seats on a plane when it comes to handling turbulence. diy13 –

Tajer also suggests sitting near the wings if you aren’t someone who can handle a bumpy ride well.

“The wings are more closely located to the center of gravity of the airplane,” he said.

“Therefore, the ride while sitting near the wings may feel less turbulent than near the tail of the aircraft where vertical input is felt the most.”

Sitting in the middle section of a plane can have less of an impact with turbulence. KONSTANTIN SHISHKIN –

David Slotnick, a senior aviation business reporter for The Points Guy told the outlet that wing seats typically relieve mild turbulence.

However, they still can be helpful if you get anxious or motion sickness, he said.

Some flight attendants, speaking out after a recent dramatic incident on Singapore Airlines that took the life of one passenger and injured several others, suggested sitting closest to the window.

And wherever you sit, heed the suggestion given by the crew at the start of your flight— keep your seatbelt on at all times when seated.

Window seats may also offset turbulence. Elena –

“Having your seat belt on will be the difference between safety or injury. It’s just that simple,” Tajer added. 

Nicholson, along with others, says seeking out a visual reference, like looking out the window and locking eyes with the horizon can help quell sickness as well.

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