The Anti-Trump bias that plagues the hush money trial: Letters

The Issue: Jonathan Turley’s column criticizing the apparent anti-Trump bias in the hush money trial.

Former President Donald Trump truly can’t catch a break and can’t even have his case end in a mistrial (“An obscene case of bias at this circus,” Jonathan Turley, May 8).

I’m not a fan of Trump, so it’s funny to see just how much Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, who oversees Trump’s trial, hates him. It shows just how likable Trump is — that is, not very much.

It is kind of pathetic and loser-like for a potential presidential candidate to whine about his legal problems.

George Markos

Eatontown, NJ

Can anything Judge Merchan say or do in his courtroom stir the Supreme Court into action against him?

He is an omnipotent renegade, who I believe consistently defiles the sanctity of our Constitution. It might take the outrage of the American people for the Supreme Court to finally defend what it has sworn to defend — the Constitution.

If Judge Merchan wore a bathing suit to court or declared Trump was no longer an American citizen, would it finally do the trick and get the Supreme Court to faithfully act as a protector of our nation’s sacred Constitution?

Andy Farkas

Traverse City, Mich.

I urge Merchan not to put Trump in jail because of his gag-order violations.

That would make him a martyr, a status Trump would love. Instead, give him a pacifier and a rattle and have him sit in a corner of the courtroom until he grows up. America can wait.

Vin Morabito

Scranton, Penn.

Watching Trump repeatedly violate Merchan’s gag order reminds me of a bratty schoolboy who continually mocks the teacher and refuses to follow the rules — simply because his rich father is chairman of the school board.

Since Trump is goading Merchan into sending him to jail, so he can cry about how unfairly he’s being treated, I think the latter should call Trump’s bluff and treat him like any teacher would punish a lying 77-year-old bully: With a time out.

Sharon Austry

Fort Worth, Tex.

Now the time has finally come to drop all charges against Trump. This is America, not Venezuela.

Paul Mathews

San Luis Obispo. Calif.

The Issue: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s release of pro-Hamas agitator Manolo De Los Santos.

It doesn’t surprise me that agitator Manolo De Los Santos only got a slap on the wrist (“Wrist slap Alvin lends lefty hand,” Editorial, May 9).

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has let many criminals out of jail during his career, just for them to keep on committing more and more crimes. Meanwhile, he is doing everything possible to convict former President Donald Trump.

Bragg is not helping the problem. Rather, he is part of the problem.

It is time for you to wake up, Bragg, and start doing your job the right way and not the wrong way.

Rob Johann


I would like to know how professional hater De Los Santos — who has spent years in the “paradise” known as Cuba — pays his bills.

Please, don’t tell me that he is potentially on welfare and food stamps, or that we are otherwise subsidizing him. That being said, no employer in his right mind would hire this professional misfit, anyway.

The ball is in the court of Bragg, who hasn’t yet met a criminal he doesn’t want to free. The ball is also in the court of the FBI, which should be keeping an eye on these dangerous fiends.

There is a cot waiting for De Los Santos in Guantanamo Bay if he is still so fond of Cuba.

Alice Lemos


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