Successful applicant for $100-an-hour Domino’s Pizza hand model role revealed

The man chosen for a unique $100 ($66 USD) an hour Domino’s Pizza job which went viral has been revealed.

Queensland schoolteacher Matt Strain was chosen by the fast food company to be their next hand model after a nationwide search for the coveted role was announced in May.

Domino’s first put the call out in May for someone with “18+ years in pizza holding experience” and who had hands “so clean and soft you could butter garlic bread with them, and can lift a maximum of four pizza slices per hand.”

After hundreds of applicants put their video reels into the company Strain, 39, was chosen as the next model.

Speaking to 9 News Queensland about the role, he joked his hands were “unblemished by hard work”.

“It’s not the hand modeling that’s difficult, it’s the standing actually,” the Logan high school teacher told the program.

The role pays $100 ($66 USD) an hour for Strain’s time.

Queensland schoolteacher Matt Strain secured the coveted $100-an-hour ($66 USD) gig. 9news
Domino’s first put the call out in May. doganmesut –

Domino’s announced the successful applicant would also spend a day at Domino’s Global Headquarters in Brisbane modeling the next menu innovation.

Mr. Strain’s hands will feature in the new advertising campaign when Domino’s launches its new product range.

Domino’s ANZ people business partner Matthew Baldwin said the search inspired some very creative applications.

“It’s not the hand modeling that’s difficult, it’s the standing actually,” the Logan high school teacher told 9News. 9news

“We had people doing shadow puppets … (even) a couple of sneaky feet coming into the pictures,” Mr Baldwin said.

In their initial advertisement for the position, Domino’s announced the chosen model will also receive a tour of their Innovation Kitchen, spend time in the ‘Say Cheese’ professional photo studio and enjoy a pizza lunch as a thanks for all their hand work.”

“And since this is top-secret stuff, the successful applicant must also be willing to pinky promise (AKA sign an NDA) that they won’t share confidential menu information following their visit,” the advertisement stated.

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