Seeing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce over Super Bowl weekend could cost $119K

Catching America’s hottest couple — Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce — perform on the same weekend could cost die-hard fans more than six figures.

Swift begins the next leg of her “Eras Tour” in Japan this week, with the last if her four shows slated for Saturday, while Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs battle the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas the following night.

Swifties know that their icon is expected to board her private jet after her final show at Tokyo Dome in Japan’s capital and fly 12 hours across the Pacific to catch the big game.

But mere mortals can expect to dig deep into their life savings to pull off the ultimate double date.

When factoring in tickets to both events; flights to and from Japan, Las Vegas and place of origin; hotels and food, the entire whirlwind trip could cost as much as $119,000, according to an analysis by Bloomberg News.

The total is twice the average annual salary for the average US worker.

Those looking to pinch pennies may be able to pull it off for about $7,800, Bloomberg found.

And since they’re flying commercial, they will need to attend a Swift concert earlier in the week if they want to catch both events.

Taylor Swift begins the next leg of her “Eras Tour” in Japan this week. Getty Images for TAS Rights Management
Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs will battle the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. AP

Tickets to a Swift concert in Tokyo are going for between $231 and $7,300 in the secondary marketplace, while the cheapest seat at the Super Bowl is selling for around $5,008.

A prime spot in Sin City can cost as much as $78,000.

As for airfare, someone living in New York would have to book a flight to Tokyo, with the cheapest flight — which includes a one-hour layover — costing $661 on Expedia.

For those traveling in style, a first-class plane ticket to Tokyo can set them back around $20,000.

From Japan, it would cost around $823 for a flight to Las Vegas, though it would most likely entail a layover.

Kelce and Swift kiss after the Chiefs defeated the Ravens in Baltimore to capture the AFC Championship last Sunday. AP

To fly back home to New York, departing flights from Vegas range from $277 to $7,520, according to Bloomberg.

The itinerary also includes booking suitable accommodations in Tokyo and Vegas.

A hotel near the venue where Swift will perform will cost between $400 and $4,000 for a two-night stay.

In Vegas, booking a hotel on the night of the Super Bowl could range anywhere from $1,400 on the high end to $350 for a more affordable option.

And that’s without factoring in additional expenses for food and ground transportation.

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