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Queers for Palestine’ Block a Highway in the South, Protest Lasts Only 11 Minutes

Not only is “Queers for Palestine” possibly the most ridiculous contradiction in the whole of the anti-Israel protest movement, it turns out they can’t even jam up a highway correctly.

According to multiple reports, members of the group tried to block the Interstate 4 exit to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday.

To say the protest was underwhelming was an understatement: It lasted less than a quarter of an hour.

Three demonstrators were promptly apprehanded and taken to the Orange County Jail, according to WOFL-TV in Orlando, and the vehicles blocking the ramp were towed away.

The group decided to clog the westbound I-4 exit to Disney Springs in the de rigeur keffiyeh scarves because it believes the House of Mouse “supports genocide,” according to the New York Post.

One person wrote of the video on the Central Florida Queers for Palestine Instagram page.

So how does Disney supposedly support genocide? Um, in addition to the company backing Israel without “acknowledging the loss of Palestinian lives,” there’s also an Israeli superhero in an upcoming film from Disney’s Marvel division, “Captain America: Brave New World,” according to the group.

Wait until they think about that title for a minute and realize one of the superheroes in the film is American, too! Boy, they’ll really be angry then.

While standing in the highway blocking traffic, the protesters chanted “Free free Palestine” and held a banner that read “Free Palestine.” No word on whether they asked the Palestinians to free the “queers” who presumably don’t have any rights in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, but consistency is the least of their concerns, one assumes.

A video clip posted to social media showed one fed-up motorist confronting the protesters, saying they were “losing people to your cause because of this.”

“Think a little bit. You are causing people to actually hate you,” he yelled.

“Go f*** yourself, 45,000 people dead,” the protester responded.

As the Post noted, the Gaza Health Ministry — which is controlled by Hamas — claims that roughly 35,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in their response to the Oct. 7 terrorist attack by Hamas and its allies.

“This is not the way, do you understand that? Think a little bit!” the man said.

Alas, they were not given much time to think about it.

According to Fox News’ Bill Melugin, the Florida Highway Patrol — which has backed up the state’s zero-tolerance policy for highway-blocking as a form of protest — was able to arrest and clear the protesters “within 11 minutes.”

I guess they forgot the glue to stick their hands to the highway to make it tougher for the police to cart them off — they might have lasted a whole 20 minutes.

The Post said it reached out to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles but didn’t get a reply as to what arrests had taken place during the Saturday protest.

However, as WFLA-TV noted, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis touted “Florida’s success maintaining law and order” during a news conference Wednesday in Gainesville, home of the University of Florida.

During the briefing, he said “pro-Hamas protests” on college campuses wouldn’t be tolerated. At the briefing was FLHSMV Director Dave Kerner.

Should road-blocking protesters face harsher punishment?

Well, first, Florida means what it says — and it’s not going to be as indulgent as authorities would be in blue states such as New York and California.

Second, Queers for Palestine aren’t just a farce in their lack of ability to figure out the central contradiction in their name. They can’t even figure out the most basic of protester tactics, even in locales where police have zero tolerance for those throwing a wrench into traffic by blocking major highways.

Maybe these dimwits would have succeeded on the left coast, but this is the South, folks. Southern hospitality doesn’t extend itself to this kind of foolishness.

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