NYC-Dublin portal planning AI fix that will blur flashing, raunch

The misbehavior at the NYC-Dublin portal that caused organizers to shut down the live-stream link between the two cities — including a New Jersey OnlyFans star who flashed the screen — was “inevitable,” says the director of the company behind the project.

Joe Callahan said the Portals Organization is working on a high-tech fix, including an AI censor that will blur naughty stunts.

He hopes the 8-foot round screens will be off for only “a short period of time, not weeks, not months,” he told The Post.

People greet Dubliners in front of The Portal, a public art installation connecting New York City and Dublin. Michael Nagle
Joe Callahan hopes the 8-foot round screens will be off for only “a short period of time, not weeks, not months.” Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The company, Callahan said, was “disappointed” by ne’er-do-wells like X-rated model Ava Louise, who showed her bare “homegrown potatoes” at the stream over the weekend.

Even before Ava Louise’s stunt, attention seekers on the Irish side of the portal grabbed headlines by flashing their backsides, swastikas and images of the Sept. 11 terror attacks on the 8-foot screen.

“I think Elon Musk put it best when he said [it was] inevitable,” Callahan said.

The organization was forced to shut off the livestream just a few days into its planned six-month run.

To fix the problem, the team behind the portal is now working on new technologies to mitigate future stunts, Callahan said.

He said developers are working to install “proximity sensors and AI and computer vision technology” with the goal of interrupting and blurring inappropriate images.

The portal was shut down just days into its planned six-month run after raunchy behavior. Christopher Sadowski

The other portal between Lithuania and Poland did not have the same issues, Callahan said – and he attributed the naughty behavior to the different cultures involved.

“You’ve got the larger population density, which is so much greater,” he said of New York and Dublin — which has a population of about 544,000.

“And the cultures are very different and very diverse, as well. What is acceptable behavior in New York City sometimes is not deemed acceptable behavior anywhere else in the world,” he added with a laugh.

The portal will be back up and running room, Callahan said. Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

Despite the controversies, Callahan insisted that the inappropriate visitors are a “tiny, tiny fraction” of those who used the portal – and said the team remains committed to its goal “to connect humanity globally.”

The screens, he explained, have been used by loved ones across oceans and borders to reconnect – and one couple even got engaged through the portal.

“There’s so many positive things happening [over the portal] and I think ultimately, positive energy will prevail, it will overpower anything that’s negative,” Callahan said.

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