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More Americans Trust Trump Over Biden To Handle Economy, Immigration, Crime

More Americans trust former President Donald Trump to handle the three critical election year issues of the economy, immigration, and crime than trust Joe Biden, a recent poll revealed.

The ABC News/Ipsos poll found that Trump enjoys a significant lead on the three crucial issues, with the former president enjoying a 14 point lead on the economy and inflation, as well as a whopping 17 point lead when respondents were asked which candidate they trust more to handle immigration. Trump is also up 8 points over Biden when respondents were asked about crime and safety.

Polls have found that the three issues are among the top concerns for voters as we near the November presidential election, with this ABC/Ipsos poll largely reaffirming previous findings. The survey found that 88 percent of respondents said that concerns over the economy were an important factor in their voting decision, while 85 percent said the same for inflation. Crime and immigration were also found to be highly important for Americans’ voting decisions, coming in at 77 percent and 69 percent respectively.

The poll also found that Trump had an 8 point lead when voters were asked who they trust to handle the war between Israel and Hamas. Biden, meanwhile, had a 5 point advantage on healthcare and a 12 point lead on abortion.

Trump led the Democratic incumbent in the poll overall, coming in at 46 percent support compared to Biden’s 44 percent when the survey excluded those who said that they do not plan on voting in the November election. Respondents were also asked to indicate which of the two candidates has better “mental sharpness” and “physical health,” with Trump beating Biden by 19 points and 22 points on the two questions.

The ABC/Ipsos poll, which garnered responses from 2,260 Americans from April 25th to April 30th, is just the latest public opinion survey that shows the Democrat incumbent at a significant disadvantage. Polls have found that Trump holds a lead in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, the seven crucial swing states that will almost certainly decide the November election.

A series of polls have found Biden underwater with voters on critical issues like immigration. Just 20 percent of voters said that the United States currently has control over its own border in one recent poll. Other surveys have found that voters believe immigration is the biggest problem facing the country and that Biden has his lowest issue-specific approval rating on his performance on the border.

Americans also appear to view Trump’s immigration policies favorably, with just over 50% saying that they support the mass deportation of illegal immigrants in a recent poll.

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