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Jon Lovitz Slams Anti-Semitic Democrats, Says Trump’s ‘Done More For Israel Than Any President’

Jon Lovitz slammed “self-loathing Jew” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Democrats for their lack of support for Israel and failure to quell growing anti-Semitism across the country.

Speaking to Fox News, the 66-year-old actor/comedian said people are free to vote for anyone they want to but added, “If you’re Jewish – they passed a bill about condemning anti-Semitism, which is condemning hate and violence toward Jewish people. 70 Democrats voted against it.”

“And you’ve got Chuck Schumer, who’s Jewish, saying we should have elections in Israel now,” Lovitz said. “And the reason President [Donald] Trump and other people got mad is you’re not supposed to interfere – ironically, Trump – interfere in another country’s elections and in the middle of a war!” 

“And Bernie Sanders, he’s always been, you know … I said it before, and I’ll say it again, he’s a self-loathing Jew,” he added. “And there’s a lot of them. ‘Why do you say that?’ I go, well, it’s clear as a bell, he’s not for Israel [saying] ‘They have to stop this war.’”

“Why isn’t he condemning Hamas for starting it?” Lovitz continued. “What about that? And whatever you think of Trump, the fact is that he’s done more for Israel than any president in the history of this country.”

When pressed about comments the former president made about Jewish voters still voting for Democrats despite the party’s pivot on Israel, the “Wedding Singer” star defended Trump whose actions, he said, show he’s not anti-Semitic.

“And the weird thing about Trump is he’s very different in person than he is on television,” Lovitz said. “But if you want to say, ‘Well, he’s anti-Semitic,’ I go, well, I don’t know, his daughter – he’s crazy about Ivanka [Trump]– converted to Judaism, married a Jewish guy, his grandchildren are Jewish.”

“There’s a beach club in Palm Beach. And they don’t let Jews in that club. They’re banned. And right next door to that beach club is Mar-a-Lago’s beach club and they let in Jews,” he added. “So which of those clubs are anti-Semitic, the one that bans Jews or the ones that [let] them in?”

“Well? They love Trump in Israel, I tell you that,” Lovitz continued. “Because he defended them … People say Trump’s anti-Semitic. And then I would say he’s not by his actions and the Democrats, by their actions, are overall. They’re certainly not for Israel.”

“The Benchwarmers” star said, as a Jewish person, he’s been a lifelong Democrat, but after the party’s lack of support for Israel he no longer identifies with them.

“Jewish people for years, including myself, have been, you know, mostly liberal and Democrats,” Lovitz said. “And so, what do you do when the party that you’ve been a part of all your life is against you?” 

“So then they go, ‘No, they’re not.’ Really? Well, they just had a vote about it,” he added. “Not condemning hate towards you. And 70 of them voted against it … The Democratic Party, they’re not what they used to be.”

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