Indiana man arrested after stealing liquor truck to pay off drug debts: Report

A man in Indiana reportedly stole a liquor truck in a bar parking lot so that he could sell the alcohol inside to pay off his drug debts, according to the New York Post.

Beau Burchel, 39, was just sitting in his car when he saw the liquor truck pull into the Cheers Bar in Muncie on Thursday. When the driver stepped out, Burchel stole the truck and the $12,000 worth of beer and liquor inside.

‘Approximately 4,000 Hoosiers have died from opioids in the last decade.’

When the truck was finally reported stolen, the authorities in Muncie located the truck in a cornfield behind a banquet hall. The cornfield is about two miles away from where the truck was initially parked, according to News Nation.

Once they spotted the vehicle, the police reportedly witnessed Burchel dash into the woods near the edge of the field. He was ultimately discovered hiding under a bush and taken into custody.

When he was questioned by the authorities, Burchel admitted to stealing the truck and said he planned to sell all the alcohol inside to pay off debts he had in the drug world.

The police estimated the truck was worth approximately $50,000, and they also found a skid steer loader, which was worth another $60,000. Burchel admitted to stealing the skid steer and turning off the GPS unit so he could not be electronically tracked.

The truck was found to be damaged after Burchel ripped out the camera and GPS system. And all of the liquor and beer were still safely secured inside the truck.

He was charged with felony theft charges and held on a $20,000 bond, according to the New York Post.

Indiana University previously reported that the state has experienced an addiction crisis. Approximately one in 12 Hoosiers, “almost half a million people, meet the criteria for having a substance use disorder.”

The report noted:

– Drug overdoses in Indiana have nearly doubled since 2010, growing from 923 to 1,809 in 2017.
– Approximately 4,000 Hoosiers have died from opioids in the last decade.
РIndiana’s drug-induced mortality rate quadrupled between 2000 and 2014.
– More Hoosiers now die from drug overdoses than car crashes.
– Between 2012 and 2016, deaths related to synthetic opioids in Indiana increased over 600 percent.

It is uncertain who Burchel allegedly owed the money to, or if the authorities are pursuing the individual or group.

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