Geriatric Joe Biden freaks out DC just as much as he does voters

A worrying new Wall Street Journal report confirms that Joe Biden’s stumbling, fumbling and bumbling have not only unnerved America — they’ve undermined faith in him across the corridors of power in DC.

That’s among GOPers and Dems alike, though lefty journos are mid-meltdown that the Journal would dare to quote Republicans for the story, as if they don’t deserve to comment on the obvious decline of the most powerful man in the world.

But national Democrats and their proxies are circling the wagons for good reason: Apparently, Geriatric Joe’s gotten so mentally feeble he needs the equivalent of cue cards to handle meetings. 

Like one on Ukraine funding, when he took 10 minutes to circumnavigate the room and then started things off by reading out kindergarten-obvious points.

The scene was so bad one participant said, “You couldn’t be there and not feel uncomfortable.”


Worse, he gets confused about the effects of his own policies.

Like in a one-on-one with House Speaker Mike Johnson, who pointed out that a Biden hold on liquid-natural-gas-export permitting was already hurting the country.

Biden responded by claiming incorrectly the already-in-effect hold was simply a study. 

During 2023 debt-ceiling talks, he kept forgetting what had already been discussed and re-raising old issues, per then-Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy — while also repeating tales from his past and speaking so softly he was almost inaudible. 

Now, this shouldn’t surprise anyone

Between his constant verbal fumbles, endless wander-offs and bouts of confused aggression, all in public, it’s beyond clear to everyone with eyes and ears that Biden’s been on a steep downslope for months, if not years. 

Heck, the guy can’t keep Putin and Xi straight in his head, as in a recent Time interview in which he also “jokingly” threatened a reporter. 

And his performance with special counsel Robert Hur was so disastrous the administration had to classify the audio for totally bogus reasons to keep it out of the public’s ears.

Even the cleaned-up transcript struck deathblows against the idea that Biden is as fit as ever.  

Hur himself as much as said Biden’s having gone gaga is the only reason he wasn’t prosecuting him for document crimes. 

Sure explains why Biden only ever seems to do live media as quick-hit pressers in the middle of the day. 

And why the vast majority of Americans think — or rather know — he’s just not up to the job. 

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