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Gen Z daughter explains role at family steel company as dad laughs in viral TikTok

The dad of a Gen Z-er could not stop laughing as his daughter — and co-worker — tried to explain to her TikTok audience what she does at the family company.

The adorable dad-and-daughter duo work at the same Southern California structural steel fabricating company — where dad, Steve Pennachio, is the vice president and his 26-year-old daughter, Julia Pennachio, is the office administrator, according to the clip that has been viewed more than 745,000 times.

“So I’ve been getting asked on TikTok a lot what I do at the company, so I felt like it would be good for you to be in the video to help me explain what I do,” Julia said, as her dad — and boss — ate his lunch sitting next to her.

Julia Pennachio made a TikTok video with her dad and boss explaining what her job duties include.

The daughter then trolls her dad/boss with her explanation of her job duties.

“Just to start off — like growing up, at a very young age, I knew I wanted to work here. I’ve always had a big passion for structural steel,” Julia joked in the clip while her father munched on a salad.

“I’ve always had a big passion for structural steel. And I really just love the design aspect of it,” she continued.

Steve dad then looks at her incredulously before they both break composure and laugh at her sarcasm.

Julia then described a few construction projects — three high-end stores: Chanel, Rolex and Bulgari on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive — that the company completed.

“I’m really involved in all that stuff. A lot of the drawings go to me. So the guys will ask me my opinion on a lot of the jobs,” she deadpanned — before her dad’s chuckles caused her to burst out in laughter as well.

“Why is that so funny?” she asked.

“What else do you do?” Steve replied.

Julia trolled her dad saying she becomes acting VP when he’s out and saying she’s “always had a passion for structural steel” in the clip.

The daughter then explained that her dad is the vice president of the company.

“So I do a lot of the same things he does,” she said, as her father broke out in even more laughter.

“Like when he goes on vacation, I’m definitely acting vice president,” Julia joked before explaining her actual title is “executive office manager.”

Steve nodded along as his daughter explained that she does a lot of the day-to-day functions but began laughing again as she said she manages the staff and gets the company “a lot of business.”

Like a true self-aware “nepo baby,” Julia cheekily captioned the TikTok post: “I’m ALSO employee of the month all 12 months out of the year.”

Commenters also got a good laugh from the father-daughter pair.

“Apparently Steve is not aware of everything you do for the company, he needs to give you a raise!” one woman joked below the video.

“This is the cutest thing I have ever seen,” another commented.

Her dad Steve cracks up at her daughter’s deadpan humor through nearly the whole video. Instagram /juliapennachio

VP Steve appears in other clips on his daughter’s TikTok account as well.

In one video, Julia makes her stand up for a “work outfit of the day” as she shares the details of where each item of clothing is from.

But Steve was less enthusiastic about sharing his fit details.

“We’re backkkk,” the Gen-Zer tells the camera.

“No, we’re notttt,” her dad quickly follows, as he smiles at the camera and his daughter.

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