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Democrat Pollster: Biden Agreed To Debate Trump Because He Faces ‘Uphill’ Battle

A top Democrat pollster said this week that President Joe Biden agreed to debate former President Donald Trump because the president faces bad polling numbers and has an “uphill” battle in front of him.

Mark Penn, a former adviser to former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, said during an interview on Wednesday that many of Biden’s policies are deeply unpopular among voters.

“When you are behind you want to debate,” he said. “When you are ahead you want to avoid debates at all costs. So it is pretty obvious that Trump said ‘I’ll debate any time’ and Biden has accepted. I think it is a very shrewd plan. It’s far removed from an actual election day so you can fix it if it goes badly but it’s also before the mail-in votes. I think it’s a pretty good plan.”

Penn said that when both candidates are generally not well-liked by voters their policies become a factor in who voters ultimately choose.

“Well a $7 trillion budget —unpopular. Immigration, border, for most people it seems to be open — unpopular. Pushing EVs and not giving people the choice — unpopular,” Penn said in naming just a few of Biden’s many controversial policy positions. “He has real issues that he will have to figure out how to present to the American people. Big tax increases. He’s going to say it’s about corporations and the wealthy. Donald Trump is going to say it’s going to hit the average person. Let this debate continue. Obviously, it is uphill for President Biden or he wouldn’t be debating in the first place.”



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