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Chips Ahoy faces backlash from fans after cookie recipe changed

Those cookie monsters!

Chips Ahoy! fans are dismissing a new recipe as half-baked — and they’re demanding the corporate keepers of America’s best-selling chocolate chip cookie brand reverse their allegedly not-so-sweet switcharoo.

Mondelēz — with the help of actress and singer Keke Palmer — introduced the new and “MMMproved” take on the snack shelf staple back in March.

Chips Ahoy’s surprise recipe update, debuted in March, has not gone over well with some fans. Mondelez International, Inc.

This was the boldest tweak to the iconic treat in roughly a decade, the Daily Mail reported.

The imbroglio-making bakers — said to have tested a whopping 60 recipes before making their pick — proudly announced at the time that the cookies would now contain “specially blended” chocolate chips with an increased cacao content, a stronger dose of Madagascar vanilla extract and “just the right cookie texture.”

The apparently out-of-order overhaul is alleged to have taken four years.

Many Americans appear confounded by the change, and they’re taking to the social media barricades to lob treat-seeking missiles in hopes of coercing the creator into reneging on the unwanted update.

Some bitter cookie critics participating in a discussion on Reddit were even promising to boycott the brand forever.

Cookie lovers are asking for the brand’s parent company to reconsider the changes, which some say have driven them away for good. Mondelez International, Inc.

“Truly terrible. Absolutely shameful that anyone green lit this. I’ve been eating Chips Ahoy for my whole life, but this is worse than the worse low budget store brands. I won’t be buying ever again,” one Redditor fumed.

“Stocking up on the originals whenever I can find them. New ones tastes of a darker chocolate with a nasty vanilla aftertaste,” one frustrated reviewer said.

“I used to LOVE Chips Ahoy. I had one of the new ones and threw away an entire party size box,” a disappointed dessert person confessed.

“‘The “new” Chips Ahoy recipe sucks,” moaned another. “They say they have a new recipe but all I noticed is an overcooked cookie.”

Chips Ahoy! were first introduced in the early 1960s by Mondelēz subsidiary Nabisco, also home of the legendary Oreo cookie.

A lively debate over the new and so-called improved recipe has been taking place on Reddit’s r/Rant subreddit. Empty-Promise8874/Reddit

They are sold in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, according to the company.

Research company Euromonitor International places the cookie at the top of its category, with more than a 10 percent share of the global market.

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