Brad Pitt Crushed After Quentin Tarantino Pulls Plug on Movie

Quentin Tarantino’s decision to abandon his supposed last-ever movie, The Movie Critic, is bad news for all concerned with the project – with Brad Pitt especially crushed that it all fell apart.

“Brad Pitt, Sony, everybody was ready to make Quentin’s next movie The Movie Critic and deals were being drawn up,” a source exclusively tells In Touch. “Budgets were being prepared and the state of California was ready to offer a massive tax credit to make sure the final Tarantino masterpiece would film entirely in the state.”

The Movie Critic was billed as Quentin’s 10th and final film, focused on a writer working for a fictional porn magazine in the late 1970s. “[It’s] based on a guy who really lived but was never really famous, and he used to write movie reviews for a porno rag,” the Inglourious Basterds filmmaker, 61, told Deadline in May 2023.

After a flurry of rewrites, the project was eventually shelved in April. The source says the film was “a huge deal” for the Fury actor, 60, who was cast in a lead role as the highly acclaimed director was also “simultaneously considering Leonardo DiCaprio” to star in the movie.

​​Brad, Leo, 49, and Quentin have collaborated several times in the past, with their most recent effort earning Brad the 2019 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

“But ultimately Quentin lost confidence in the script and the premise as the shoot grew nearer. This really has to do with Quentin now being part of an Israeli family and the trauma of October 7,” the source explains of the filmmaker and his connection to the October 2023 Hamas attack on Israel. “That changed everything, including Quentin’s future plans and goals, and it gave him pause to rush into another Hollywood production again.”

Quentin married Israeli singer Daniella Pick in 2018 and has spoken in the past about living between Los Angeles and Israel with their two children.

“He’s a dad now, and that changes everything. He’s going to take his time and come up with something else while looking after his family,” the source concludes. “Tel Aviv is his home now and it’s probably going to influence the final film he makes more than he initially thought.”

Sources told Variety in April that the film director does not plan to revive the script but instead intends to move on to new projects. The movie seemed to be progressing smoothly before Quentin’s change of heart. Besides casting Brad, the production had also secured a $20 million tax subsidy from the state of California.

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