Billy Ray Cyrus’ Ex Firerose Accuses Him of Interfering With Her Career

Billy Ray Cyrus’ estranged wife Firerose accuses him of causing her to lose a substantial amount of income after his reps dropped her following their split, In Touch can exclusively reveal.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Firerose claims her manager and agent dropped her days after she was served with divorce paperwork.

As we previously reported Miley’s father, 62, filed for an annulment from Firerose in May — after less than a year of marriage.


In his petition, he cited “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct” as the reason for the split. Billy Ray said Firerose agreed to vacate his home in exchange for $5,000 per month to help her with housing for three months.

On top of asking for the annulment, Billy Ray pleaded for a restraining order against Firerose. He claimed to have recently learned about 37 unauthorized charges he believes Firerose made on his American Express card from May 23 to June 7. He said the card was used to make payments to the law firm representing Firerose in the divorce and $10k to the United States Treasury.

Bill Ray said he notified his credit card company that the charges were fraudulent. He demanded the court grant him a restraining order prohibiting Firerose from using his credit cards. In response, Firerose denied Billy Ray was unaware she had the credit card.

Her lawyer said, “Wife has had access, which Husband was aware of, to the American Express Credit Card before and during the marriage.” He added, “Wife was permitted access to Husband’s American Express credit card in June of 2022 shortly after Wife moved in with Husband.”

Her lawyer said, “Wife should be able to continue to use the American Express credit card to maintain the status quo of the marriage and should be able to use the American Express credit card for her personal expenses, household expenses, and attorney’s fees without depleting her separate assets.”

Firerose argued Billy Ray had no “right to cut her off.” The Australian singer demanded Billy Ray’s motion be denied. The judge will make a ruling on the credit card next month. In a newly filed petition, Billy Ray slammed Firerose. He accused her of failing to inform him of her previous marriage. He said she stated on their marriage license that it was her first marriage.

In addition, he pointed out that on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Firerose told the host that it was her first marriage. Billy Ray said he became aware Firerose had a different name when he walked in on a phone call she was having with the IRS. He said he confronted her about it and she became “angry and stated that it was personal and none of [Billy Ray’s] business.”

In the filing, he claimed that Firerose “knowingly, willfully and intentionally committed Fraud against” him “with the sole intention of inducing” him “into a marriage to obtain the name ‘Cyrus’ under the belief that it would help her fledgling music career.”

Billy Ray said he would have never married her had he “known [Firerose] had lied to him from the start of their dating relationship.” In her response to Billy Ray’s petition, Firerose accused him of “domestic abuse.” She said he was guilty of “intentional infliction of emotional distress for his financial abuse perpetrated against” her. In addition, she accused him of interfering with her career. Firerose said her doctors told her she needed a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery in March.

She said this caused a planned tour with Billy Ray to be postponed.

The filing read, “While Wife anxiously waited for her surgery date, her time spent with Husband was chaos. Even with the weight of a life-altering surgery on her shoulders, Husband continuously launched verbal assaults at Wife and routinely threatened to kick her out of the marital residence and file for divorce. Wife walked on eggshells when she was around Husband and even had to worry if she was allowed to speak in his presence. At times, when Wife attempted to speak to Husband, on almost any topic, Husband would respond with ‘shut your f–king mouth.’”

Her response added, “In the weeks leading up to her surgery, Husband placed Wife into an emotional and psychological prison. When Wife would attempt to voice certain concerns, Husband would often call her a ‘selfish fucking bitch’ and continually alleged that she was using him. With Wife’s major surgery date looming, she was reasonably afraid to leave or seek any type of help because she feared that Husband would interfere with her surgery or her lengthy recovery at home.”

Firerose said Billy Ray filed for divorce less than 24 hours before her scheduled surgery — which caused it to be delayed.

According to Firerose, during the marriage, they were represented by Scott Adkins and Adkins Entertainment as their manager, Nick Meinema and Action Entertainment Collaborative as their booking agent, and Scott Kaufman and Buchwald for all literary, TV, and film booking purposes.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ Estranged Wife Firerose Accuses Him of Interfering With Her Career

She said 11 days after Billy Ray served her with divorce papers, her representatives all terminated their services within 3 hours of each other but they retained Billy Ray. Her lawyer said, “Wife submits that Husband interfered with the contractual relationship between Wife and her representatives. Husband acted maliciously in retaliation in an attempt to ruin Wife’s career.”

Firerose claimed to have lost out on four scheduled concerts with guaranteed payments to the marital estate of $415,000. She said she lost out on a Hallmark movie and any future income.

“Wife developed three film productions over the course of several years with Husband and was negotiating their production at the time of being served in this case. Additionally, Wife was also cast as a lead role in a Hallmark movie through Buchwald, and this opportunity has apparently also been lost due her the loss of her representation,” the filing read.

“Wife does not possess several avenues of income like Husband. Wife relied on these performances and film projects for her income but has lost all such potential income with nary a word from her Husband or her, now former, representatives.”

Following Firerose’s accusations, his legal team released a lengthy statement scoffing at her claims.

It read, “The allegations that [Firerose] states in her answer and counter-complaint are especially confusing and suspicious in its veracity since she begged Mr. Cyrus to forgive her and take her back only 2 days after he filed his pleadings to dissolve his marriage. When Mr. Cyrus returned to his home 2 days after [Firerose] was required, by Court Order, to vacate his residence of over 25 years and allowed him to return, he discovered a handwritten note from [Firerose] professing her love and need to be with Mr. Cyrus.” They added, “If Mr. Cyrus was truly guilty of the allegations that [Firerose] alleges in her pleadings, then it is mindboggling to try and explain why she would want to return to live with him.”

The case is ongoing.

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