Antisemite calls NYC rabbi ‘dirty Jew,’ bashes him with bag: video

A prominent rabbi was attacked by a backpack-slinging antisemite outside his Manhattan synagogue Tuesday after asking the man to put his dog on a leash.

Rabbi Chezky Wolff started recording the stranger after the man allegedly called him a “dirty Jew” just outside the doors of the Chelsea Shul on West 23rd between 6th and 7th avenues.

That’s when the accused assailant slugged Wolff in the head with his tote bag, knocking off his glasses and yarmulke, video obtained by The Post shows.

A man allegedly smacked a rabbi with his tote bag after the religious leader asked him to leash his dog.

Wolff pursued the man — who wore sunglasses, a blue baseball cap with a South Korean flag and blue pants — and demanded to know why the man would resort to vicious antisemitic language and behavior.

The stranger appeared unbothered as he ducked into an apartment building on the very same block as the synagogue.

Cops and paramedics responded to the scene, but the NYPD didn’t have details about the incident available Tuesday night.

“He’s hiding in his Chelsea high-rise until they identify him,” Wolff’s lawyer, Cary London of Shulman & Hill, told The Post.

The alleged assailant spat “dirty Jew” at the rabbi before hitting him, according to London. NY POST
The alleged attacker is “hiding in his Chelsea high-rise,” London said. NY POST

According to London, the assault was provoked when Wolff asked the stranger to put his dog on the leash.

The rabbi had been standing outside the shul when the pup ran toward its open doors, the attorney said.

“He stands in front so the dog obviously doesn’t go in and the guy comes up after the dog. [Wolff] says, ‘Can you please just put the dog on a leash’ and the guy looks at him and goes, ‘dirty Jews’ in disgust,” said London, a member of the Chelsea Shul’s congregation.

Wolff is a prominent rabbi at the Chelsea Shul. LinkedIn

Sensing an imminent escalation, Wolff whipped out his phone to record the conflict just in time for the man to allegedly deliver the hit and try to snatch the phone.

The heavy tote bag was seemingly stuffed with books or a laptop, leaving a mark on the top of the rabbi’s head, according to London.

Fortunately, the father of six didn’t sustain any serious injuries but is fearful of the hate exhibited by his apparent neighbor — who has not yet been identified by police.

“It’s just upsetting in this environment that this is what the Jews are going through right now,” London said.

“The Jewish people are all about unity and they’re all about getting along for the greater good. The rabbi still loves the city of New York and still feels welcome here. He just hopes that the antisemitism goes away.

“He doesn’t want to have to feel scared that someone’s going to attack him like what happened in this situation.”

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