Anne Heche’s Estate Allegedly in Financial Ruins After Her Death

Anne Heche‘s estate is buried under a mountain of debt that her son says can never be fully paid.

Homer Laffoon, the late actress’ son with ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, says in legal documents that the bulk of his mom’s estate has been appraised at about $110,000, just a tiny fraction of the $6 million requested from the people impacted by the car accident that caused Anne’s fatal injuries and other creditors.

The Six Days, Seven Nights star, 53, crashed her Mini Cooper into an L.A.-area home in 2022 and it burst into flames. The home’s owners and a woman who was renting it are asking for a combined $4 million in damages.

And Anne’s actor ex-boyfriend Thomas Jane claims he’s owed nearly $150,000 from a loan.

Despite the numbers, 22-year-old Homer, the estate executor, says he’s “cautiously optimistic that the creditor claims can all be resolved fairly and without litigation.”

Anne died on August 11, 2022, from inhalation and thermal injuries from the smoke and heat caused by her fiery car crash into a house in Mar Vista, California, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office previously revealed, according to case information provided by the L.A. Medical Examiner and Coroner’s Office.

A secondary cause of death was listed as sternal fracture due to blunt trauma, which according to the National Library of Medicine, means her chest likely struck the car’s steering wheel during the crash.

After six days in the hospital, her family and friends shared the heartbreaking news on that the Men in Trees star was not going to make it. “Unfortunately, due to her accident, Anne Heche suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remains in a coma, in critical condition. She is not expected to survive,” they said at the time through a representative.

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