ABC execs alarmed over ‘GMA3’ host DeMarco Morgan’s biker shorts pics

ABC News executives are alarmed over a series of provocative photos “Good Morning America 3” co-host DeMarco Morgan has posted to Instagram that show him posing in skin-tight biker shorts, The Post has learned.

The images of Morgan — who replaced TJ Holmes after his scandalous affair with co-host Amy Robach — show the affable anchor’s “package” is on full display — and make for an uncomfortable fit with ABC’s family-friendly corporate parent Disney, sources said.

Accordingly, a heated discussion among top brass has focused on whether to ask the hunky anchor to take them down, a source with knowledge told The Post.

DeMarco Morgan’s racy Instagram photos are getting noticed by ABC News execs, and his fans on social media, alike. ABC
Morgan’s fans responded to this photo with a plethora emojis, including fire and eggplants. DeMarco Morgan/Instagram

“Executives at the highest levels of ABC have flagged the photos internally,” a source told The Post, adding, “It leaves very little to the imagination.”

Execs are mulling how to address Morgan’s instagram after a series of public relations nightmares including the T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach affair and the recent ousting of weatherman Rob Marciano.

ABC News declined to comment. Morgan did not respond to requests for comment.

The images of the chiseled Morgan have led his colleagues to dub the 45-year-old avid biker “DeYummy,” Closer reported last week.

Meanwhile, his social media fans gotten all worked up, with many posting fire, heart and eggplant emojis on his Instagram posts.

One slideshow showing Morgan wearing a bike helmet, pale green cycling T-shirt and moss-colored Spandex shorts has gotten nearly 9,000 likes.

Morgan’s slideshow, which included the above photo, received nearly 9,000 likes on his Instagram. DeMarco Morgan/Instagram

“Sir, we can see your… NVM [nevermind], great pics!,” wrote one Instagram user.

“He knows,” replied another.

“Yup! I zoomed in! #DontJudgeMe,” a third user commented.

Execs at ABC News are upset over Morgan’s “revealing” photos, a source said. DeMarco Morgan/Instagram

“Mr. D, stop teasing us women,” a fan wrote along with a smiley face emoji with heart eyes.

“And us men,” another replied.

“Shots like this should be outlawed because I damn sure zoomed in,” added a fan.

Morgan (left) and Eva Pilgrim (center), were named co-hosts of “GMA3.” They are seen here with TV personality Mike Muse. ABC

“Son! U just showing thangs!,” wrote another fan.

“A complete package,” another deadpanned.

Sources noted that Morgan was brought in by ex-ABC News president Kim Godwin, who resigned earlier this month amid a series of missteps, including bungling the Holmes and Robach scandal, as well as Marciano’s firing.

Former ABC News president Kim Godwin came under fire for her mishandling of the TJ Holmes and Amy Robach affair. ajrobach/Instagram

Godwin had allowed the “GMA3” hosts to remain on air even after news of their romance became public.

Eventually, the anchors were suspended and let go in January 2023 amid an onslaught of press coverage that included leaked photos of the duo, who were both married, making out during a Miami getaway a month earlier.

Godwin finally filled the anchor chairs with Morgan and Eva Pilgrim in May 2023.

Godwin, who recently exited as president of the network, brought on Morgan and Pilgrim to replace Holmes and Robach as co-hosts of “GMA3.” Getty Images for The Alliance for Women in Media

More recently, Godwin came under fire over her handling of Marciano, who had been yanked from “Good Morning America” due to his alleged anger issues in 2023.

Godwin signed off on letting Marciano back on air, putting him on “World News Tonight,” but he was fired last month amid new complaints about his behavior.

Now, Godwin’s boss Debra OConnell, is in the process of “cleaning up” the mess that Godwin left over, which includes getting rid of some of the former president’s lackeys and ineffectual hires.

A source with knowledge said that employees are bracing for steep cuts at the network this fall.

As previously reported by The Post, some sources are pointing at the former president’s top lieutenants — Jose Andino, the vice president of the office of the president & process management, executive editor and senior vice president Stacia Deshishku and executive vice president Derek Medina, as being in OConnell’s cross-hairs.

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